Members of the Board

Dr. Stanley G. Love

Paul Veger

Dr. Joel Sercel, Founder of the Trans Astranautica Corporation​

Paul Veger is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and European business man who loves innovating and                                      shaping this future. He is the Founder and CEO of Decos Information Solutions, a Netherlands based company which has grown over the past 30 years to become Europe’s leading IT solution provider for paperless office work. With over 165 employees, Decos defines tomorrow with advanced IT solutions and work processes that include paperless offices, robot office assistants, and agile self-managing teams. Paul’s passion is building a better future for all of humanity and for the past ten years he has been an angel investor in NewSpace including asteroid mining.

                                         Joel C. Sercel, PhD has over 30 years of NASA, industrial, other government agency, and academic                                                              experience and education all of which is directly related to space technology development and innovation.                                                Sercel’s professional experience includes a 14 year career at JPL; 12 years teaching, researching, and advising graduate students at Caltech in the area of space systems engineering; two years as a senior government official serving as the Chief Systems engineer of a $22B Air Force communications satellite network (TSAT) leading a team of 122 systems engineers; several years as a private technology and management consultant; and most recently entrepreneurial leadership of a collaborative technology company, TransAstra, focused on ISRU technology. Dr. Sercel is a proven engineer, technologist, and innovator in diverse fields related to asteroid ISRU and the use of electric propulsion for small bodies exploration. Sercel’s PhD in Mechanical Engineering                                                  at Caltech focused on applied plasma physics and electric propulsion technology. Dr. Sercel conceived                                                      of and initiated the NSTAR project (the first deep space solar electric propulsion system) and served as the first Principal                   Technologist of the NSTAR project. 

                                        Dr. Stanley G. Love received his PhD in Astronomy from the University of Washington and is currently a                                                  planetary scientist and NASA astronaut with 25 years of experience in the fields of small-body planetary                                                 science and spacecraft concept design and operations. He is first or contributing author on 100+ peer-                                                   reviewed technical articles and abstracts, including two each in Science and Nature. He has maintained a record of peer-reviewed publication in planetary science while training to fly in space and serving as a crew member aboard Space Shuttle mission STS-122. He has over 1,200 hours of aviation time, including zero and reduced gravity aircraft missions and 15 hours of Extra-Vehicular Activity (spacewalking) time. He has been involved in many of NASA "spaceflight analog" activities, which simulate geological exploration missions on the Moon, asteroids, and other solar system bodies in remote or extreme environments on Earth. His analog work has included development of tools for collecting and manipulating geological samples in reduced gravity. He is a veteran of two 6-week Antarctic meteorite hunting expeditions. He is a co-inventor of the "gravity tractor" concept for modifying asteroid orbits. Dr. Love frequently appears in telecasts and in public, explaining space science

and space exploration to general audiences. He has a pending patent on a novel manual control system

for piloted spacecraft, and holds a fourth-degree black belt (Master rank) in Taekwondo.